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    Listed here are some of the most frequent questions we hear about our office and procedures.

    What if I become ill while the office is closed?

    For life threatening emergencies, please call 911. For illness needing attention before the office is next open, call our regular phone number 704-384-1500 and you will be instructed how to get in touch with a triage nurse. Refills, appointments, billing questions, etc cannot be handled by the triage nurse and we ask that you call the office on the next business day.

    What if I have a non-urgent question while the office is closed?

    Our after-hours support team is focused on addressing urgent medical needs. They do not have access to your medical records or test results. Non-urgent questions or requests must be handled during normal business hours.

    Will you take care of me in the hospital?

    A team of in-hospital specialists, Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialists will admit and care for all of our patients in the hospital. They communicate with us about admissions and discharges. We can discuss medical issues with them and we believe that patients benefit by having hospital specialists dedicated to their care available at all times of their hospital stay.

    Can you refer me to a specialist?

    Yes. However, as internal medicine physicians we have been trained in multiple sub-specialties and are skilled in the evaluation and management of complicated medical issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive care. When a specialist's assistance is needed, we will refer you to the most appropriate provider. Our referral coordinator will work with you to help facilitate your appointment.

    Should I bring my medicines to my appointment?

    Yes. We strive to provide comprehensive medical care and part of that is ensuring that we know which medications you are taking. To be sure of your regimen, please bring all your medicine bottles, including medicines from other providers and non-prescription medications and supplements to your visits.

    When are lab results reported?

    Lab results are sent through the mail within two weeks of the test date. You may receive a call if the result requires additional explanation, testing, or a change in medication. Some tests require more than two weeks to complete and they will be reported as soon as they are available. If you have not heard from our office in three weeks, please contact us.

    Should I call for my lab results?

    Laboratory results are generally reported by letter within two weeks of your appointment, although sometimes certain tests may take longer. If you have not heard from us within three weeks of testing, please contact our office and we will be happy to help. Please refrain from calling for results if it has been less than two weeks unless you are specifically instructed to do so from your provider. Calling early could actually delay reporting the complete set of results as it disrupts the normal medical records flow.

    How do I have my medical records sent from your office to another physician?

    With completion of a proper release form, we will be happy to send copies of your records to another provider. If we refer you to a specialist, we generally send pertinent records as a courtesy. There may be a charge for copies and mailing associated with release of records for other causes.